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marketing fun!

Are you burnt out by all the advice on how to market your business online today? Blogging, emailing, posting on social media, Adwords and Facebook ads, and…OMG, you’re cashed before you begin? Or are you trying to do it all but not really seeing an increase in actual dollars?

Our approach is simple and fun! We help you set real goals and determine the most effective methods to reach them.
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Email Marketing

Emails that score attention

Email is alive and well and still the most direct method to reach your potential clients. Business owners, entrepreneurs, buyers, and even the most stoney of potheads are still checking their email every day. We’ll help you mesmerize them. Are you starting from scratch and need to build a list? Do you need help creating hot emails that suck in your readers? Want to create a funnel that will light up your leads? Our Potent Marketing team will wreck your past results.

Content Marketing

Keep your readers jonesing for more

Our Potent Marketing team has deep roots in journalism and is fiending to write content your readers will crave. We’ll strategize with you to determine the topics that satisfy your audience, and we’ll build a chronic catalog of material that will emanate benefits throughout your online community. Blogs, campaigns, press releases, news articles — we’ve got your flavor.

Search Engine Marketing

Raging results that light up your ROI

How many times have you heard that Facebook ads are the answer to all your problems? Or how about Google AdWords — just try our Express account. And watch this 100th tutorial on how to become a pro, right?! It’s definitely doable, but our clients have way too many things to do. The most successful entrepreneurs know how to delegate, and our Potent Marketing team knows when and how online advertising works best. Don’t blindly throw green at Facebook and Google. And don’t fooled by agency smokescreens. Potent Marketing is completely transparent. Let us show you.

Social Marketing

Social engagement with endless buzz

Social media marketing is time consuming. To truly elevate results, your efforts have to be consistent and goal-oriented. Inconsistent and hazy posts are lost and unappreciated. And don’t get us started on Facebook boosted posts. If you’re going to throw green at social media, do it with purpose. Potent Marketing has a solution for you.

Fire up your marketing

Your time is valuable. Let us help you acheive your goals so you can focus on growing your business.